Tuesday, January 5, 2010

DIY: Kinda Obsessed

Ever since I was little I've been exposed to people who have sewn their own clothes, grew their own gardens, even made their own soap.
So I fell in love with the idea of DIY pretty easily. Its cheap, fun, and you have a lot of pride in what you own.
The bed organizer (left) is my latest project to use in my dorm room. Thanks to the book, "One Yard Wonders" there will hopefully be a lot more.
Now, as I'm sure you can see, I am no seasoned seamstress. But after finishing this project I was inspired to look at some of my earlier projects. I've tried making two skirts, one made out of t-shirts, and another made out of a pillow case that did not match any of our bedding.

Even though the pillow case made me cringe, and the t-shirts seems scare me, its pretty neat to look at these compared to one another. It gives me hope that I can improve and gain more experience to make my own clothes, gifts for others, and hopefully things my future apartment, home, and family will need.
Hope this made you want to start a project of your own!
Here are some cool links if you need more inspiration:
http://www.diyideas.com/ (good for the home and quick ideas)
http://www.craftster.org/ (good for something cute and fun)
http://www.threadbanger.com/ (great step by step videos)

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