Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pretty Sweet Bulletin Board

So my latest project is a bulletin board. It was an extremely easy project with absolutely no sewing required. I only needed a picture frame, a large piece of cardboard, some sweet fabric, stapler, pen, and scissors. Another project in "One-Yard Wonders", its easy, quick, and you get a bulletin board that is one of a kind and very cheap.
My reason for doing all of these projects is simple. Its winter break, I have two weeks with nothing to do. Now I've used the time I've had left to create some pretty cool stuff I can use for years.
If you're a bored college student watching Dora the Explorer or have been playing Assassin's Creed for five hours straight, get out of there! Get a big ol' cardboard box, go buy a sweet frame at Salvation Army, steal some weird fabric from your momma and make something you can use for semesters to come!!

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