Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bucket List

At my uncle's memorial my friend and I took his little..."Hey guys, I'm dead program" (or whatever you call that thingy you get in memorials where there is a brief bio on their life and pictures) and wrote a bucket list. I never really thought about it until then. I guess what hit my friend and I was that we were both 19 years old and thought we need to live! Or keep on living because honestly, the two of us have had some pretty wacky adventures.
We started with somewhat mundane things the adults around us suggested, "sleep in a launder mat", "wake up in the morning feeling like p-diddy", "wake up in a bathtub", "wake up in another state", a lot of stuff that they did and I may either be very thankful or regretful having done them, but hey, they're on the list now. But then I started thinking about bigger goals in my life, some stuff that I have wanted to do since I could drink out a grown-up cup. I started thinking about all the things I want to do before I die. Here are just a few:
1. Graduate College
Not many people in my family have done it and I would like to so I can y'know get a good job and stuff.
2. Go to Europe for the summer
Its happening. I have always wanted it to, I have always tried to and when I went to the Netherlands last year I became forever hooked, and I have to go back. (Need to say "hi" to that awesome Irish pub owner who gave me my first beer free)
3. Go to California
Never have been there, I guess its like the Mecca for the youngin's nowadays. I want to go, experience the absolutly different culture, see my old English teacher, and maybe learn to surf. Also I have an adorable little car that can definitely make the trip, my old "widdle troopa" Trucky could never of dreamed of surviving the trek so now I kinda have to, right?
4. Interview a person from each of my little journeys
Why not make something out of it! If I could I could bind it into a book, sell it as a traveler's guide with some of my own advice and have an absolute blast doing it! Maybe it will be this blog, that's a thought...
5. Help in Haiti
The people there are nothing short of inspiring. The culture is steeped in mystery and beauty and after the hurricane the people, despite the absolute lack of aid have begun rebuilding with nothing to help. In, this link, the writer describes how the people of Haiti have just started all over again.
Well, time to listen to Dr. D I'm sure I'll continue this in another post!
6. Fall in love
Why not?
7.Get married
I guess I should
8. Go to Russia
Its steeped in history that many people don't know or are afraid of knowing here in the West. I feel like its something that I should really see for myself a part of the East that is still mystified.
9.Go to every continent and have a blast while doing it.
I think traveling is very important. Its how a person can see the world, understand other people, and change themselves for the better. So I want to be able to meet cool people (or penguins in Antarctica) and see if I can help them out along the way.
10. Adopt a child
Its important. Its a wonderful opportunity to show another person love that no one else can give them. The work towards adopting a child is long, hard, and full of red tape but I don't think I would be any more proud of myself and them when I see them graduate high school, get married, or have a kid of their own. I think it would be the best thing I could ever do.
11. Meet Obama
I want to know why he does what he does. I want to know if he is happy, scared, mad, or everything at once. I want to know what he really wants out of his time in office and what he is hoping to do realistically.
12. Climb a mountain
I think it would be the best thing I could do for my body, my heart, and my soul. The nature and wildlife on the mountain is worth the trek itself. The training would help me become more in shape and I would always remember it fondly.
13.Write a novel
There is something so cool to me about having my name on a book. It seems impossible but I think I can do it. Anyone want to be my publisher?
14. Be in a protest/riot that changes the world for the better
Where the hell is my generations sit-ins, marches on Washington, and mustard gas? There have been so many opportunities, the war, the discussion in Pittsburgh about Democracy (there are other forms of government) but kids just aren't into it. Common guys! We have civilian journalism, the internet is your place of expression! Stop writing shitty poetry about some chick named Missy and do something! I know I will.
15. go sky-diving
You only live once. I think I'll do this when I'm like 60.
16. Go back to Bermuda
Its a beautiful paradise in the middle of the ocean, just waiting for you to touch its cave walls, gaze upon its pink sand, and feel the springy grass beneath your toes as you try to catch the wild chickens. Its awesome, I want to go back,
17. Go to Mecca
So much has happened there, so many lives have been touched there, just those facts are enough to make me want to go. I am not Muslim but I understand its importance and I think everyone should go to Mecca, not because its a happening spot for Muslims but because I think the West would understand Islam a lot more if they did.
18. Go to Cuba
Its this place they say I can never go, so I got to go. There is so much there we in the U.S. have no clue about, artists, authors, singers, culture, totally unknown to me. Gotta see it.
19. Save a forest
I believe trees are not given enough credit. They are beautiful, sustain millions of other parts of life in just one tree, and have given the world so much. We should cut them down for cattle or corn, we should respect them, and let what pops out from under them (possibly the cure for cancer could come out of some person wildcrafting). I want to help out by protesting, lobbying, or hanging out in a tree for a year.
20. Kiss a dolphin
There awesome, smart, adorable animals and I want to kiss one like.Y'know, like you do in Orlando when you pay enough money to hang out with them.
21. Start a no-kill animal shelter
When I retire, I want a HUGE farm where I can just take animals to either be cleaned up, happy, and eventually adopted, or where they life out the rest of their days happy and with plenty of space. Though I think that shelters are wonderful and necessary, I want them to have an alternative, me. If they feel as though a pet deserves a 2nd or 3rd chance, I want to be able to give it to them. Also, buy a pound puppy! Their way cuter than any silly pedigree poodle!
22. Hug a gorilla
They're so huge and scary but cute at the same time! I just wanna give one a huge hug!
23. Hug a koala
They are adorable and sleepy, and hang out eating eucalyptus all day. Those are the kind of animals I want to hang out with, and y'know, cuddle.
24. Raise money for something
Not just anything, but a great idea, or to fix a problem, something that can help change lives. I know I can never be a rich philanthropist so I hope when you guys see me playing guitar on the streets you'll throw some money in to help me out.
25. Go streaking
Never did it, always wanted to.
26. Finish my bucket list with Lisa
Its a long story
27. Buy and farm an organic farm
I live on a farm, its beautiful. Its big, there is always something cool happening, and I want to share it with my family once I make one. I would love it if we could also grow our own food and have enough surplus to sell it at a farmer's market or give to our friends. Hopefully I'll get a green thumb along the way.


  1. ... the other night I was thinking about a vacation with you this summer. Wouldn't it be cool to go cross country, hitting thrift shops on the way and blogging as we go - look what we go today!
    Or Bermuda. Bermuda would be cool.

  2. I'm so for the first one! Bermuda would be nice but the other one is such a sweet adventure!

  3. I think this is an amazing blog idea. I think that everyone should have a bucket list. I love what you have on your bucket list too. I love that you want to travel and do something with your life. :) Keep working at it