Friday, March 26, 2010

So I have been thinking about how to earn extra money to go to Germany next year. Its kind of a big goal of mine since I started taking German classes. I would go there for my last semester of German so I would fulfill a requirement of mine, and y'know get to be in Europe! That's be pretty awesome. So yeah, I was polishing my combat boots (in the vintage clothing post)and wondered, "What could I do for some more extra money? I plan to have a job at a place I already work, hopefully get a job at the Renaissance Faire I used to work at, and work on a Christmas tree farm if I can get the job but what is something I can do for just a bit more? When I'm the city and stuff, what could I do? I can busk but I haven't played guitar in ages, no one really watches street theater from what I've noticed, and it hit me, it was as though the smell of the polish opened my brain! I would polish shoes1 I actually really like doing it, its simple work, its humbling, its calming, and depending on where I set up the stand(and by stand I mean two chairs and a box) I could make an alright amount of money.
So now I'm in the question of How much should I charge? A dollar? Or just a quarter? Should I advertise why I am doing this or just keep it to myself? Would it be alright to accept donations? Its a lot to think about. Tell me what you think please!

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  1. You might need a permit in the city. Charge at least a buck.
    Good luck